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Felonie has a tan, tight and sexy little body. She was nervous at first about being tied up, but as soon as her elbows are wrenched back in a tight hogtie, her pussy gets dripping wet with excitement and it's obvious that she's into it. Her nipples and clit are pumped up until they are swollen and red before she is vibrated to orgasm. We can't wait to have Felonie back for round two!

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It is a helpless position that leaves her open to all kinds of humiliation. PD's solution to the task at hand is ingenious to say the least. By the end she has had her holes filled, her body debased and her wishes fulfilled.

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Whenever Claire Adams and Sister Dee get together it is the perfect time for some pay back. With tears streaming down her face, all Claire can do is quiver, cry, and plot her revenge.

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Whenever Claire Adams and Sister Dee get together it is the perfect time for some pay back. This time SD owes Claire a ton of punishment. There is very little that is more satisfying than watching Claire suffer. There is only so much pain a slut can take before she breaks.

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I thought it would be natural to take her role in this training seriously. Macy's talented tongue gets Caitlin off again and again for our entertainment. She is forced to strip naked, revealing her sexy ass and body. Check her pretty mouth without having to pry it open. The orgasm bar while taking a healthy beating. She was gagged with a ring gag shoved in her mouth.

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